How Collagen Fillers Are Effective

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Patients in need of collagen fillers should do their research before choosing a clinic to administer this treatment. First, patients should understand the procedure so that they can best determine which treatment and clinic is the best fit for them. Many patients have questions about this cosmetic procedure that online research may not be able to answer. Patients should always consult a doctor if they have questions about any cosmetic or medical procedure.

Collagen composes roughly 80% of the skin, giving support and a smooth appearance to the skin's surface. The protein, however, diminishes over time and patients often turn to collagen injections to restore and replenish the skin's natural supply of collagen. As people age, they have less collagen in their skin which may lead to wrinkles, folds and lines in the skin.

There are several types of collagen injections and other dermal fillers also exist. Deciding on which dermal filler is best is a decision that the patient should make with his or her doctor. Some collagen fillers contain human collagen, while others contain bovine, or cow, collagen. Other injectables may include synthetic elements like microspheres suspended in a bovine collagen.

Once patients determine which injection works best for them, they must decide if they are a good candidate for a collagen injection. Ideal candidates for these injections are usually between 35 and 60 years old and have fine lines, wrinkles or folds in their skin. Pregnant or nursing women should not consider collagen as an option. Patients with autoimmune disorders also should not receive collagen injections. Patients with allergies to lidocaine or cow products should not receive the injections either.

Collagen fillers can be very effective in helping certain patients reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines in the skin. Many patients turn to collagen injections to help their skin look younger and healthier and find that this is often the case following treatment. Some side effects may include swelling and bruising in the days following treatment, and the skin may appear red after the treatment and for up to a week.

Initially, some patients may notice that the treated area may appear 'overfilled,' but this should take on a more natural look soon after the procedure. Patients may notice that results last anywhere from two to four months, but this can be very unpredictable for many patients.

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How Collagen Fillers Are Effective

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This article was published on 2010/03/30