Oral liquid leads beauty market

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Because of the oral market needs, Nestle and L'Oreal raise money to found the brand of INNEOV, at the same time they mainly stress on four fields, which are going against aging, preventing shining, protecting hair and slimming. Famous Nestle takes many skills for it, deciding nutritional elements, optimizing intake, meanwhile, insuring that it is safe and stable a lot; besides, well-known L'Oreal supports it special biotechnology and helps develop better goods following by the market needs, win-win cooperation creates INNEOV peculiar status totally. Within ten years, it has already developed into the main participant of skin meeting, and then its research result often shows its own view, depending on more than 10 patents and a variety of effective materials, it is becoming the first is western oral nutritional beauty brands completely, drugstores spreading all over the world.

On the basis of rigid scientific skill INNEOV develops newest nutrition supplement, decides active constituents and others that have been applied widely, and makes sure that it is worth using; following by what nutritional experts advise find out new product recipe; pass the Asian female clinical test, clinical efficacy system and consumer feelings' estimate; all the endeavors and attention mainly insure it can give people a safe, effective and good formula.

INNEOV discovers one important block point, it is that after 20 years plenty of collagen may run off from dermis, the primary fiber hardens and even cracks, causing skin rough a lot. INNEOV research center selects specific collagen widely, some coming from North Atlantic Ocean and some being from France, the deep sea active collagen is made from I shape, it is the most important collagen kind, what it contains approaches natural skin form, helpful to improve skin's glossy and tender. Through clinical checking, after having this kind of collagen of high use by body its amino will appear in 2 hours.

Keep it in mind that people run after health and beauty, INNEOV starts in our country now, we could know about that it takes for Chinese women a different life style and perceptions about health, confidence and care, INNEOV is going to lead the new tend of oral nutritions, let us prepare to look into the new time started by it.

Lycopene has been accepted by people commonly, whose efficacy surpasses vitamin very much. Nestle and L'Oreal research out brand-new technique, turning Lycopene into Lycopene TM, immediately make body absorb it well. Carrying the patent, we welcomed the INNEOV red pill whose use is at a high level, its special antioxidant effect is passed on to skin by germ center, finally it will be absorbed through intestinal mucosa.

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Oral liquid leads beauty market

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This article was published on 2012/01/16